First Blog for Injured Workers on Long Island

This will be a forum for discussion of Workers’ Compensation Issues. We all await oral argument before the New York State Court of Appeals on pressing issues.  We are also looking forward to answers to questions that have been caused by the recently issued December 1, 2010 Medical Treatment Guidelines. Possibly,  the New York State Legislature will resolve some of these questions. We expect injured workers with permanent disabilities to have their treament rights protected and will see what the court does on this issue. This will undoubtably effect long island workers, suffolk county residents and all disabled workers. Doctors and treatment by various practitioners  including chiropractors, physical therapists and orthopedics have been limited by the present position of the Workers’ Compensation Board and its many recent decisons. Hopefully there will be an end to speculation. We would all like to know ,  that condions and agreements entered into before the recent changes to the Medical Treatment Guideline are not eliminated or changed by permitting a retroactive application of the new Guidelines. 

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