What is a Wisc?

A WISC ( Walk in stipulation calendar) is a special agreement whereby the parties to a compensation case can resolve issues  on any part of a  New York State Workers’ Compensation case. They require a formal written stipulation where the parties to the claim formally agree to a result on any part of  or on the full case. The matters contained in the agreement becomes effective and formal upon approval by the Workers’ Compensation Board, (WCB) . No party can compel the other to accept such an agreement unilaterally but, once obtained, this device is used to expedite a formal decision of the WCB. The WISC devise was created to permit fast resolutions of limited issues not requiring full development of a record and is limited to the four corners of the written agreement. Because it is a “mutual understanding” the WCB tries to permit quick calendar action for these agreements. The contents of such an agreement usually covers treatment, loss of time, permanency, disability, salary disputes monetary awards or any item normally contained in a case without the need for detailed discussion, presentation of evidence or argument. It is just that, a stipulation containing those areas where the parties can agree. Once published by the WCB it becomes legally binding on the parties to the agreement.

 ( As stated throughout these blog discussions; they are provided for educative and informative purposes and are not intended to be a substitute for formal legal advise on a specific issue or state of facts and should be reviewed in a formal legal relationship with an attorney or legal representative. The discussions as presented do not create a formal attorney client relationship. All situations vary and are usually fact and law dependent which also may  vary or be effected by the law in existence at the time of the occurrence. )

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