How long can I collect compensation?

Generally speaking, once your compensation case has been established, you can receive indemnity benefits and reopen virtually closed cases for 18 years from the accident or incident date and reopen for medicals benefits forever. This has been modified by wcl legislation effective for cases beginning 2007. These long term issues are subject to specific conditions and terms contained in the WCL. Some of these rights are dependent upon findings of permanency. If you have a permanent partial or permanent total condition, your indemnity benefits can continue subject to specific limitations found in the WCL. If you return to work, certain kinds of cases permit the WCB to grant a specified monetary award. These are usually known as schedule loss of use awards or awards for periods of time where wage loss occurs. In other cases, you may even be classified as having a causally related permanent condition which may entitle you to continuing indemnity and medical benefits subject to the modification made in 2007. If your case has not been established or properly filed, special time periods control. Generally, a case must be filed within two years from the date of the incident and notice of the incident must be given to your employer within 30 days from the incident. All cases require a causal connection exist before benefits of any type can be established. Evidence of such a causally connection is contained in the reports and opinions of a medical provider. The opinions of your health provider are contrasted with the opinions of health related witness for used by your employers’ benefit provider. This is usually their insurance provider

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