Hurricane Sandy

As most of you realize, Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey Monday Oct 29th. 2012.  What is more remarkable is that the Workers’ Compensation Board closed its downstate Hearing Points for both Monday and Tuesday. In years past, Governors were resistant to such closures and injured workers and all persons connected to the system were left to wonder what they should do about scheduled hearings.

Governor Cuomo , helped all concerned by acting appropriately and was out in front of the storm. Rest assured, cancelled hearing will receive prompt rescheduling and notices will be forthcoming. All clients should continue to attend treatment and keep contact with their doctors and health providers when safe to do so. Compliance with board regulations and recent interpretations of the Workers’ Compensation Law will require vigilance in protection of your rights. When safe, contact your doctors, continue to make your work searches and keep your attorney or legal representative in the loop

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