Hurricane Sandy update Friday 11/2/2012

As most of Long Island knows first hand, Hurricane Sandy has left long lines at the gas pump, loss of power and closing of many businesses. As a result, the Long Island Hearing Points for Workers’ Compensation and the Social Security Office for Hearings and Appeals in Jericho, aka ODAR has been closed throughout the week of 10/29/2012. As a service to my present clients , I have attached a cell phone to my business account to receive office calls at 631-234-5484. Since our office fax and internet is not working, you can still reach us as stated and we will be picking up our internet off site where and when the internet is available. I for one have been out of my house since we have been without power since Monday the 29th of Oct. Our office is open and active for walk in and appointments. Please continue to seek medical care from your health providers. We will follow up with them as time and electronics permit. We wish to offer everyone our continued concern and will assist where and when able. This might be a good time to read our blog in its entirety for general information. If you need assistance please contact us as stated.

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