Forest for the trees, did we miss anything?

Please remember: workers’ compensation is for injuries that occur as a result of your work

Along the way of this blog, I have been commenting upon fairly complex New York State Workers’ Compensation issues and may have just missed a basic understanding. To pursue a Workers’ Compensation case to a favorable result; requires that the incident happens or occurs as a result of the work experience. This means not that you discovered the condition while at work or that a condition prevents you from working, but that the specific condition must have occurred and developed out of the work environment and is a consequence of that event, in other words the condition must be related to and develop from the work experience itself. There are many fact situations that will permit connections over time but the connections themselves must exist before you can attempt to obtain causally related befits. You should ask yourself a basic question. Why should my employer be responsible for my treatment and lost time. Unrelated sick time or vacation time although paid by your employer pursuant to an agreement of sorts does not by itself require the Employer to be responsible under the WCL. If you can reasonable show the relation as a cause  not a temporal appearance at work; you should consider it compensation and seek representation to investigate and pursue you rights under the New York State Workers’ Compensation Law.

As repetitively stated, these blogs are informational and limited in scope. A true attorney client contact should be made to better understand your rights in a specific incidence. Please see our disclaimer through these blogs.

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