The changing perspective of Workers’ Compensation

In the few years since the advent of Governor Spitzers’ changes to the New York Workers’ Compensation Law; the name of the game, is no longer get hurt and receive benefits for life. The ever present reality is that injured workers should receive medical benefits and lost wages to compensate for the injury and move on with their lives. This is no more evident then the desire on all sides of the issue to settle claims in the form of wisc settlements or global sec 32 agreements finishing off entire claims. Compensation was never intended to be a life long indemnity payment. Now, movement to claim value as soon as medically practicable or possible is the goal of all responsible parties.

As  stated throughout these blogs, assistance from a workers compensation representative permits more advantageous results from a system designed to respond more quickly to participants who know what is required. Proliferation of form requirements and short statutory time periods have become the rule.  Failure to meet same can doom a claim or produce an unfavorable result. Form has taken precedence over substance. In such a world,  you are best off with representation from an individual, practised in the field.

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