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Keep on top of your workers’ compensation claim

Where do we go from here?  Over the past many months we have discussed Workers’ Compensation issues. We’re now ready for a full court press.
This means in addition to filing your claim and pursuing same you should be following up with your representative’s office by making in person appointments to keep them informed of any changes in your treatment needs and wage reduction issues. Our attorneys and staff will file for hearings to try to convince the compensation system to enforce its rules and regulations.
This has been an uphill battle. Insurance companies try to insulate themselves from active claimants. Keep records. See your health providers and make sure they file all necessary variance requests documenting why the treatment they desire is medically necessary and that treatments already made are beneficial. Ministerial calls to insurance companies regarding late payments and the like are ineffective for all. Congressional pressure for increased hearings and penalties for non compliance with the compensation requirements seems best.
Stay connected to your case and representative. This will prove beneficial for all. Have a Happy New Year from the Law Offices of Eliot Levine and Associates.

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