Overlapping Issues

Your workplace injury may be eligible for multiple different types of claims

Very often similar facts patterns, which at first blush appear to be limited to a single Workers’ Compensation claim, may also be susceptible to legal interpretations which may lead to multidisciplinary issues that should be pursued in parallel areas of the law.

For example, while an injury caused in and out of the work place might suggest a Workers’ Compensation claim; if you are rendered unable to do any work in the national economy as a result of your injury and this keeps you out of work for a year or more, you may also be able to successfully pursue a Federal Social Security Disability claim. An outside worker who gets injured in the course of his or her employment while driving in a vehicle may be able to file for No Fault Benefits in the form of increased personal income benefits. In some cases a negligence case may also be brought against the  responsible party with adjustments from successful awards for benefits provided.  Sometimes,  individuals with long term disability benefit contracts are permitted to obtain LTD benefits from the same injury and continue to receive Social Security Benefits with limitations and relationships between said benefits. Some individuals carry retirement agreements which permit continuing  benefits from other areas of the law and continuation of your Workers’ Compensation Benefit. For a proper legal interpretation of your rights,  it is best to contact your legal representative and go over all possible implications associated with the fact pattern causing your injury and thereby permit a proper evaluation of your specific issues.

As stated throughout this blog, these blogs are only informational and / or educational and therefore do not create an attorney / client relationship. It  is therefore always suggested that you contact  your attorney for a full and meaningful discussion of your individual rights and responsibilities.

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