A Late Winters’ Tale

A Late Winters’ Tale

On March 7th. 2018, anticipating 9-12 inches of snow, I arranged to have my clients’ Workers’ Compensation case taken over the phone.

My client was present after multiple prior discussions and the case was called. My client was at the court and I was on the phone. This presages the new video hearings to be scheduled in the near future.

To make a long story short; the hearing ended by having to be “pulled off the calendar for failure to prosecute” until various corrections could be made. There is nothing like “in-person appearance” with clients in court. Clients occasionally forget things when forced to address court officers and opposing counsel.

What makes this especially difficult is that an interpreter was necessary to assist with this workers compensation case at bar. I submit, when at all possible, all parties should be present together in court and be able to discuss options with opponents and go forward jointly before the law judge. A guide to the wary.

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