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Accidents are inevitable, even at work. Slip and falls, injuries caused by falling objects, occupational disease and collisions are some of the many different types of accidents that can happen in the workplace. If you were involved in a workplace accident, call our firm on Long Island for legal representation. Since 1978, we’ve represented countless clients with their workplace injury cases, ranging in all severities of injury types and causes.

One possible ailment to happen on the job is an occupational disease.  An occupational disease occurs as a result of a worker being exposed, usually over a period of time, to specific types of repetitive work conditions. A few examples of this are hearing loss due to repetitive loud noises in the workplace, lung diseases from exposure to asbestos, dust or other types of physical injuries due to repetitive motions on the job.

No matter what industry you work in or how you were injured, we will gather as many details as we possibly can to ensure we have a strong case and that you get the compensation you deserve. High medical bills, lost income, and other consequences can result from your work accident, but they don’t have to.

Why You Should Consult an Experienced New York State Workers’ Compensation Attorney

There’s simply no overstating the advantages of working with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Without representation, you’ll be forced to deal with a complex process while attempting to recover from your injury. You need someone who knows the process inside and out and can give your case their undivided attention. That’s where we come in.

How Does Negligence Affect Your Workers’ Compensation Case?

Negligence is generally considered to be the failure to act with the care another person of ordinary prudence would do in the given situation. If the negligent act occurred on the job, a negligent party is one whose behavior risks harming themselves or others. The fault for negligence can only be assessed against your employer, but not against a co-employee and then only if you can prove gross negligence not merely negligence. Workers Compensation is the exclusive remedy for such injuries or acts regardless of whether the act was negligent or not. You can bring a negligence case regardless of whether it occurred on the job or is derived from the work experience in addition to your personal workers compensation claim. You may be able to pursue a law suit against all other offenders including the manufacturer of a product used at work. In order to file a workers’ compensation claim, the source of the negligence does not matter assuming the injury was not intentional or caused by the influence of alcohol or drugs. The question in a workers’ compensation case is whether the worker suffered harm while performing their job duties and the injury arose out of and in the course of employment. If you are interested in also pursuing a lawsuit for negligence, then you will need to be able to prove fault on the part of a third party. Workers Compensation claims do not require negligence on anyone’s part. It has been considered a strict liability statute. Our workers’ compensation attorneys can offer you guidance in these circumstances to ensure you pursue the best course or courses of action. Lastly, should you be successful in pursuing a negligence case, part of the proceeds from the Workers Compensation case will be subject to a lien i.e., the right of the workers’ compensation insurer to be reimbursed from those proceeds of the negligence case.

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Our legal team will work hard to get you proper compensation for your injury. Even if you’ve already been denied benefits or are being accused of fraud, we will work with you to get the best possible result. We also work with clients who have gradually developed symptoms over time or who suffer from a preexisting condition. No matter the specific nature of your case, you can rely on our workers’ compensation lawyers to provide reliable counsel.

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