Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I entitled to the Zadroga 9/11 Bill??
A: If you had WTC Exposure with Occupational Injuries or Occupational Diseases from on the job exposure.

Q: I was hurt at work…. What do I do??
A: File a Claim …C-3 form, with the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Q: I was in the Hospital …. What do I do??
A: File a C-4 report with the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Q: I went to the Doctor …. Do I have to pay the doctor?
A: NO, make sure you give a complete work history of the accident and they file a C-4 report.

Q: I’m not getting paid any $ from my job…. How do I get $ ??
A: File a Claim…C-3 form, with the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Q: I already applied for Workers’ Compensation:
Q: I have a hearing date…. What do I do? ….
A: Get copies of all doctors’ C-4 reports and bring them to the hearing.

Q: Do I need an attorney or can I do it myself ??
A: You can appear without an attorney, BUT it is best if you are represented since the employer will have their insurance companies attorney at the hearing.

Q: I had a hearing and I did NOT get any $. Why not ??
A: There could be many reasons, such as:
1. your employer is fighting the case or
2. you do not have proper medical reports.

Q: I lost my job (because I was out of work due to my injury at work) Can they do this ?
A: YES, New York does NOT protect your job if you are out of work because of an injury. You may be protected if you are part of a union negotiated contract.

Q: Who do I have to tell I was injured at work ??
A: Your Doctors, Your Supervisor at work, the Workers’ Compensation Board.